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In A World Full Of Trends, I Want To Remain A Classic

Do you follow trends?

As a Personal Stylist it’s my job to be aware of the trends that are out there – what’s hot, what’s not, what we ‘should’ be buying and what’s best to avoid. So yes, I follow trends – but do I buy into them all? Absolutely not.

In my late teens and early twenties I was very concerned about being ‘on trend’. Whatever the latest ‘it’ item was I had to have it, I would buy new clothes constantly in a bid to keep up with the latest fashion fads, my wardrobe bulging with cheap clothes (most of which were hardly worn) and my bank balance very much stretched to it’s limit.

“Nowadays I’m much less concerned about whether I’m ‘on trend’ and much more interested in ensuring I feel amazing, that my clothes are great quality and that they fit and flatter me (and I take the same approach with my clients too).”

Anna Mewes | Personal Stylist

I LOVE trends; new colours, silhouettes, footwear and accessories styles to excite and inspire us, to breathe new life into our wardrobes and reinvigorate our style aesthetic.

However, I don’t feel we need to follow them slavishly and there is a way to admire and acknowledge new season trends without buying into fast fashion or bankrupting yourself every season.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get the balance right…

  • Take stock of the new trends at the start of the season via social media or magazine roundups, ear-mark the ones that appeal and keep an eye out for them when they hit the shops.
  • Once stock starts to arrive in stores have a budget in mind and a concise shopping list of the items you need (this will help curb any impulse purchases).
  • Before shopping make sure you’ve audited your wardrobe thoroughly first. Trends are sticking around much longer than they used to so there is a good chance you will have several items in your wardrobe already that are considered ‘on trend’ this season.
  • If you are going to make a trend-led purchase make sure it fits with your overall style aesthetic and that it can be worn in at least three different ways with items you already own.
  • Assess the longevity of the trend you’re buying into and invest your budget accordingly. If its something that feels like it’s going to be more short-lived, don’t spend loads on it.

For me, the perfect way to build a wardrobe that is versatile and current is to have beautiful quality, timeless, foundation pieces (outwear, jeans etc) and then update seasonally with accessories, colours and different silhouettes. As long as they all suit your colouring, body shape and can be worn in different ways, you won’t go far wrong.