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Personal Styling Services


I’m guessing you’re here because you’re in need of a little style help?

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by a wardrobe bursting with clothes or you’re in need of an outfit for a special occasion.

It might be that you feel you’ve lost your way with your personal style and need some advice on how to rediscover what works best for you…?

Whether it’s a fully immersive style overhaul, a capsule work wardrobe or just a bit of colour advice, you’re in the right place.

I believe the best place to start any style journey is in your own wardrobe – whether you have lots of lovely items but don’t feel you can make outfits, or you want to start from scratch completely. What you’re wearing currently will tell me so much about you as a person, your priorities when getting dressed and will help us uncover what you want to do more or less of in the future. This is why I recommend you start by booking in for a wardrobe audit as your first port of call.

Take a look at my styling services below – if you’re unsure where to start just drop me a note to [email protected] and we can discuss your needs in more detail over email or in a short phone call.

start your style journey here

start your style journey here

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