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What I’ve Learnt In My Decade As A Personal Stylist

2022 marks my tenth year working as a Personal Stylist and it has given me pause to look back on the journey so far and reflect on all that I’ve learnt.

I set my business up at the end of 2012, having become a first-time Mum six months previously. Up until that point I had loved my job in marketing but it quickly became apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to return to my old role, which led me to start thinking outside the box.

To cut a long story short, I settled on the idea of working as a personal stylist as I felt it would offer me the flexibility to work around my young family whilst also being something that would be creative and rewarding. It has been both those things and SO much more!

What I hadn’t bargained for was the style journey I went on myself post-babies as well as the lessons I would learn from the incredible women who booked in for styling sessions.

There have definitely been some common themes when it comes to certain insecurities and concerns as well as lots of lessons and knowledge shared both from myself to my clients and them to me. Here are three that have stood out…


… and that’s YOU!

How often have you sat in a restaurant/on a train or passed someone in the street and made a note of the size of their hips or thought their upper arms could do with being a bit more toned?

I’d say around 90% of my clients tell me about the areas of their bodies they don’t like without me ever asking them. We worry about hiding our perceived flaws and place restrictions on what we will/won’t wear based on how we view our bodies.

Trust me, nobody else is looking.

We’re quick to see the beauty in others, to compliment and reassure – it’s my greatest wish that we could all do that for ourselves a little more and I will work tirelessly with my clients to try and make focusing on our positives the norm when dressing. It’s so much more liberating and empowering when we do.


Pre-kids clothes for me were fun and fairly disposable. I bought and wore what I fancied and felt good in most things.

Two children and ten years later, my clothes are an important part of how I express myself to the rest of the world. I select them carefully and will only purchase items that fit well and make me feel great. The time and money I invest in my personal style boosts my confidence and allows me to present the best version of myself whatever the occasion.

This to me is part of my self care routine – if I don’t have clothes that feel great, my confidence takes a hit and then others areas of my life do too.

When clients come to see me it’s always about more than the clothes. it’s about re-connecting with a sense of self or refreshing a style that no longer feels congruent with who they are as a person. 

Like I say, style really is a form of self care.


You just need a sprinkling of CONFIDENCE.

Don’t ever, EVER, let your age, dress size or body shape hold you back from wearing something you love. None of them matters – what matters is how you FEEL when you get dressed.

My six year old daughter will select the most quirky, over-the-top, eclectic outfits you could ever imagine… head-to-toe (mis-matching) leopard print? You go it! A princess dress to go to the local pub for lunch? Why the hell not?

I don’t know when we lose this self-confidence and ‘don’t give a f**k attitude’ but we really need to tap into it if we can.

And if in doubt about something you’re wearing, ask yourself what 90 year old you would say; I’m pretty sure it would be, GO FOR IT!

This month’s video masterclass in The Style Sanctuary covers seven lessons I’ve learnt as a personal stylist. If you’d like to access this video and more style content and advice, you can find out more here.

Until next time

Anna xo