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The Three Instagram Accounts I’m Following For Autumn Style Inspo

I’m a very visual person so mood boards are my ‘thing’; I create them for everything from style inspiration to interiors ideas and find them so useful to help me hone my own personal style and edit my wardrobe.

Before I meet a client for this first time I ask them to put together a mood board of looks they love on Pinterest.

The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, it gives me an idea of the types of styles they aspire to and love, but secondly it allows them to reflect on what they really like and whether their current wardrobe reflects this. All too often we get caught up with our busy lives and end up buying the same styles of clothes over and over again without really giving it much thought.

Mood boarding is a great way to really SEE what it is you’re drawn too (and then you can look to fill the gaps in your own wardrobe as well as identify what you already own that works).

I find Pinterest is great for inspiration (you can take a look at my Autumn style board here) – but instagram is the perfect place to find looks and items that are available to buy right now. Here are three accounts I’m loving for Autumn inspiration…

Emma Rose Style (@emmarosestyle)

London-based stylist, Emma Rose Thatcher combines classic pieces in a laid-back, modern way and I just love her style.

If you like a touch of luxury mixed with some great high-street finds that work well for elevated, everyday looks, then Emma is your girl…

Image @emmarosestyle

Rachel Stevens (@msrachelstevens)

I loved S Club 7 when I was younger and when I stumbled across Rachel Stevens’ account a few months ago I was instantly hooked on her style aesthetic.

Alternating between blazers/jeans and floaty floral dresses with ease, she can pretty much carry off any look in style. I love how she balances proportions and silhouettes for her petite stature – she’s a great example of how balancing your look carefully can ensure you can wear whatever you want.

Image @msrachelstevens

Sarah & Phillippa (@wearetwinset)

These girls can do no wrong in my eyes and have recently launched their own label so we can all have a little sprinkling of their style in our wardrobes.

Sarah & Phillippa love a mix of high street and high end, they’re both mamas to little ones and their outfit choices demonstrate you can be both practical and stylish as a working Mum. Favouring a neutral palette with stacks of accessories, I love their style and have already saved several looks to use as inspo this Autumn.

Image @wearetwinset

Who are your favourite accounts to follow and get inspired by?

Until next time,

AM xo