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Style Formula – Spring Midi Dresses

The perfect solution to easy Spring styling; the midi dress.

The midi-dress has been around for several seasons now and shows no signs of going anywhere, and for good reason; it’s the perfect wardrobe staple to throw-on when you’re in a rush but still want to feel put-together. Not only that, but the length makes it ideal for the inclement Spring weather we generally enjoy in the UK at this time of year.

For this week’s style formula I’m breaking down what to look for to get the most flattering fit and how to style it…


Generally speaking I encourage my clients to go for skirt lengths that hit at the slimmest points on the leg (just above or just below the knee, or just about the ankle) so when wearing a midi-length, which usually hits mid-calf, we need to find other ways to flatter and elongate the lower leg.

Footwear is key to ensure you don’t chop the leg up too much, a low-cut trainer, sandal or wedge heel will all work wonders to show a bit of extra ankle.

Pictured right: Hush Kensington Dress, £75


Your choice of footwear can make or break an outfit and as mentioned, above, it’s really important to get it right with a midi-length dress.

If you’re dressing ‘up’ then a heel will always elongate and flatter but for day-to-day a pair of white trainers are ideal and so versatile that I advise all my clients to add a pair to their Spring capsule wardrobe if they don’t already own some.

My favourite brands include Air & Grace, Veja and Supergra, there’s really no right or wrong here in terms of which to go for so my advice is to try a few different brands/styles and opt for the ones that are most comfortable.


We all know that whilst it would be great to skip out of the door without a care in the world from May onwards, chances are we’re going to need a jacket. Another Spring staple that in my opinion everyone should own is a denim jacket. I have had my Gap Icon jacket for 20 years and it just gets better and better with age – this style comes in both petite and tall versions so there’s a fit to suit everyone which I love.

If a midi dress feels a bit too ‘girly’ for you then a leather jacket does a great job of toughening things up. My go-to for leather will always be All Saints who do a fantastic range of leather jackets in different cuts and colours, so well worth checking out if you’re looking to invest.

Pictured left; Veja Campo Trainers, £125

Fit & Fabric

Two things that will hugely influence whether any given dress will work for you are the fit and the fabric. 

Those with curvier body shapes (hourglass, triangle/pear and oval) should look for fluidity in their fabric as anything too structured or heavy won’t flatter or feel comfortable; you need something that will work with your curves, not restrict them. A shirt style dress is great if you have a fuller bust as a vest can be layered underneath to ensure a better fit top and bottom. Alternatively, something with stretch that shows your shape can be a great option if you struggle to find dresses that fit at both the top and bottom.

If you have waist definition then choose a dress that shows this or use a waist belt to cinch you in to show the slimmest part of your torso.

If you have a straighter body shape then generally speaking you will need a dress that has a little more structure and shaping to it, this will create the illusion of curves and create a neat silhouette that harmonises with your body shape. Again, a shirt style dress is great for you or you could try a tiered style dress which are very popular this season to skim your body line (just don’t go too voluminous as we don’t want to swamp your frame)

Pictured; Calista Long Dress, Baukjen, £149

Whatever style you go for, a midi dress for Spring is such an effortless and easy staple piece to add to your wardrobe – I now have several and always include some options for my clients when we do their Spring shops.

Will you be adding one to your wardrobe this season?

Until next time,

AM xo