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August Audit

OK, I’m calling it – Summer in the UK is done! I haven’t left the house without an extra layer for weeks now let alone dined al fresco with a cold glass of Rosè! 

Rather than lament the rubbish weather we have in this country I’m looking forward and starting to plan my Autumn wardrobe. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time to get dressed but before I start spending I plan to reflect on the season that has just passed and I want to encourage you to do the same…

By taking stock of what we've worn and loved over the past season we can ensure a higher success rate with new items we intend to buy and wear for the season ahead...

Here are my top three tips to conduct your own Autumn wardrobe audit…

  1. Firstly, identify your most worn item of clothing/footwear/accessory this month & take note of what it is you’ve loved about it (was it how it made you feel, the colour, the ease of use/wear) – calculate your cost per wear on this item too. If you invested, was it worth it? If you didn’t and it’s looking tired, should you have?
  2. Now for those items lurking at the back – is there anything you haven’t worn this season? If not, ask yourself why. If its due to lack of a holiday abroad or occasion that’s fine but if not what does the fact you’ve not worn this item tell you?
  3. Next, can you ear-mark any Summer items that could be styled for the season ahead? Now is the time to think about this so you can curate your shopping list to ensure you’re utilising as many items that you already own as possible.

In my membership group, The Style Sanctuary, we’re diving into a detailed August Audit this week to get us ready for the season ahead and I can’t wait to see what learnings my members will be taking from this exercise! We’ll be opening for new members soon, along with a super-charged colour challenge to give everyone a little post-Summer glow-up! To be notified when doors open just drop me a note to [email protected]

I would LOVE to know what you discover too so please stop by over on Instagram to let me know how you get on.

Until next time,

AM xo