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Announcing My New Collaboration

I'm so excited to share a special project with you today that I've been working on in collaboration with Made In Snetty for the past few months.

I’ve always loved wearing slogan tees and styling them in different ways. Designing some of my own has been something I’ve wanted to do for well over a year.

When I came across Made In Snetty on instagram this Summer I knew that Ruth was the perfect person to help me bring my ideas to life.

I wanted to create a set of t-shirts that were wearable and light-hearted, but that also had a special meaning to me and, most importantly, would make whoever wears them look and feel fabulous.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the collection…


‘Be you, do you, for you’ – this is my mantra when it comes to living life and developing my personal style. It is something I encourage my clients to do too.

All too often we worry about what others may think if we wear that colourful coat, those quirky heels or unusual pattern, so we stay in our style comfort zone afraid to shine bright and express ourselves.

The ‘BE YOU’ tee is a gentle reminder to dance to the beat of your own drum; dress to express who you are and do it with confidence!

This design is available in grey with silver embroidery and green with gold embroidery. 


I don’t know how many times my sister and I watched ‘The Wizard of Oz’ growing up but it was a LOT!

I loved the part where the film went from black and white to glorious technicolour and we got a glimpse of Dorothy’s red shoes. Those shoes, which gave her the power to go home all along – amazing what the right footwear can do hey!

This quote resonates with me so much. We all have the power within us to be, dress and do whatever we choose. Sometimes I help my clients unleash that power, that confidence, through their personal style (it’s the best feeling ever when I do), but the power is theirs and it was there the whole time.

They just needed someone to help them see it.


I will love leopard print forever and couldn’t have designed a range of tees that didn’t incorporate it in some way.

So the design is as simple as that with this one. The white version is our take on a classic white slogan tee – just with the injection of my favourite animal print to make it that little bit special.

This design comes in green with leopard print text and white with leopard print text.

I hope you love this collaboration as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them – I can’t wait to hear how you style them!

To place your t-shirt order please visit the Made In Snetty website here

Until next time

Anna xo