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Anna’s Edit – Spring Footwear

One of the simplest ways to update your wardrobe for Spring is to switch around your footwear.

After doing a seasonal wardrobe review over the Easter weekend I realised that I’m pretty well stocked for Spring/Summer so I decided to focus on my footwear instead.

My clients and followers know that my love for comfortable footwear, mainly trainers, runs deep and at this point I have a fairly extensive collection. However, when I looked at my footwear choices with a fresh pair of eyes I realised that I had completely stopped wearing shoes. It’s been boots and trainers for far too long and it’s time I switched things up.

Now only can a good variety of footwear styles give you more outfit options, a great pair of shoes can totally transform even the most simplest and casual of outfits.

In this week’s blog post I’m taking you through three Spring footwear styles, both casual and smarter to help you get wear from your wardrobe, elevate your everyday looks and inject some variety and seasonal trends too.


I will never not love trainers and they have come a long way in recent years, forming a staple choice for most modern women’s wardrobes. 

There are two styles that I personally think work well and ensure you have options to wear with both jeans/shorts/casual bottom halves and skirts/dresses. 

The first would be a classic pair of white leather trainers – I tend to opt for some with a little pop of pattern or colour on, but plain white will ensure they go with everything. My favourites are from Air & Grace, who I’ve been shopping with personally, and recommending to clients, for years.

The other style, which have become really popular in the past year, are a technical trainer. These are a slimmer fit and give a sportier feel to your overall look. I love them with skinny jeans, loose jeans, leggings or cargo pants. I have two pairs of New Balance 327s and adore them.


If like me you love your trainers but want to look/feel a little smarter then a classic leather loafer is the perfect solution in my mind.

Combining comfort with a smarter aesthetic I personally prefer to style mine with more casual outfits as I don’t want to feel too preppy or edge towards looking too formal. They make an elegant option when styled with dresses and if you’re beginning to head back into the office they’re a great way of easing yourself back into ‘proper’ footwear again. 

Mine are from Mint Velvet and come in various colours, although last time I checked stocks were running low. Air and Grace have some that are similar here.


I curate a ‘looks I love’ mood board over on Pinterest every season – and every season I pin images of casual outfits elevated by a pair of fabulous heels.

I struggle to walk in heels and I’m not interested in tottering around all day in pain so I road tested a few styles and settled on a block heel.

Not only does this style nod to current trends, the block heel gives the foot more support overall which makes them infinitely more comfortable.

Whilst I won’t be pounding the streets of Leeds in them to do personal shops, they’re a great option for my days in the studio and will also be a go-to for evening outfits too. This pair are from Ted Baker here.

I’ve put together a reel showcasing some of my favourite footwear styles for Spring over on Instagram, come and say hello here.

Until next time

Anna xo