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Anna’s Edit – Five Items For A Stylish Staycation

So many of my clients struggle to dress for the ‘Summer’ here in the UK – the weather is just so changeable isn’t it?

One minute we can be basking in glorious heat, enjoying BBQs and al fresco garden drinks,  the next we’re huddling under a brolly eating soggy sandwiches in the park.

Whilst frustrating, the change in weather is all well and good when we can take each day as it comes and dress accordingly from our wardrobe, but how on earth do you pack for a week’s staycation without taking half your wardrobe along with you?

In this week’s blog post I’ve rounded up five must-have items to ensure you are ready for any eventuality (and any weather) whilst also looking your very best…

The ‘Goes With Everything’ Jacket

I’m ALL about the layers, even in the Summer, so a versatile jacket is definitely an essential for a UK staycation.

Opt for one that will work with all your outfits and would also be suitable for a smart/casual evening out. I usually go for a denim or khaki jacket (if khaki isn’t your colour then opt for another lighter neutral from your palette instead).

One that sits around the waist will generally work well with both jeans/trousers, skirts and dresses as the proportions tend be look better when it hits at this point.

This Gap jacket has been a go-to for me and my clients for several years now and I’ve had mine for around 12 years (they get better with age!)

The Day-To-Night Dress

I have two small children, so our evenings out on holiday are usually pretty low-key (early bird offer anyone?!)

That being said, I still like to mark the occasion and make a bit of an effort with my outfit.

To avoid having to pack several options for evening wear I always make sure I have a few dresses and/or skirt/top combinations that could be worn for a casual family meal. Once I’ve worn them for an evening I’ll then wear them as a daytime outfit with trainers/sandals too so I’m getting maximum wear out of it whilst we’re away.

This Hush dress is comfortable and causal enough to wear during the daytime but a quick switch into wedges rather than trainers, a bit of accessorising and make-up and we’re good to go for an evening too (also looks great with the aforementioned denim jacket!)

The Stylish Carry-All Bag

I don’t know about you guys but my ‘Corona Kit’ of hand sanitiser, anti-bac wipes, masks, spare masks etc. etc. takes up a fair bit of room in my handbag these days before I even get started on my usual assortment of kids’ paraphernalia, eleventy billion lipsticks, purse, phone… so a big bag is a necessity.

I have lusted after Lily & Bean’s iconic monogrammed bags for a while now and decided to treat myself to one about a month ago. The quality is brilliant, the size is perfect for a day bag and the style means that I can happily carry it around all day and don’t feel the need to switch it in the evening either. 

Functional (But Fabulous) Footwear

I’m a natural dresser at heart; comfort and practicality will always win out for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look stylish too.

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I have a fairly extensive trainer collection – you name a colour or pattern and I can pretty much guarantee it will feature in my trainer collection!

My goes-with-everything pair that also happen to feel like I’m walking on little feet-shaped clouds, would have to be my Air & Grace Cru trainers. Mine have sparkles on but there are lots of options to choose from. 

I should add that I would also take a pair of more ‘dressed up’ shoes, probably some wedges in a neutral colour – just something to elevate your day-to-night dress or a simple jeans/top combo for the evening if you’re likely to be heading out somewhere for dinner (I know technically that means I’ve rolled two ‘essentials’ into one here but who’s counting hey?!)


The Throw-Over-Anything Sweater

I’m back on the layers again, but honestly, we need them in this country and I HATE being cold!

I always pack a couple of medium to lightweight sweaters when I’m going away in the UK, something that will go with jeans, shorts, a skirt… that I can either wear instead of my jacket or, if I’m really chilly, as well as.

As always, practicality doesn’t mean we have to fore-go style and there are SO many great brands to choose from. Some of my personal favourites are Hari & The GangMake No Apologies and Made In Snetty, whose collaboration with Wolf & Wildlflower sweater I’m wearing in this pic.

So there you have my five ‘essentials’ for your UK staycation this Summer – obviously I’d also be chucking in my jeans, shorts, a few tops and my trusty accessories (I rarely leave home without an armful of bracelets and my sunnies!)

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas of how to pack smart if you are heading away for a few days this Summer – happy holidays!

Anna xo