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40 before 40

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have seen that I celebrated my 39th birthday this week. 

With the big 4-0 now less than a year away it got me thinking about what I would like to do and achieve before this milestone, are there any things I really want to get done or experience and if so, what am I waiting for?

If the last year has taught me anything it’s that we never know what’s around the corner so we really should ‘seize the day’ as much as we possibly can.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with a ’40 before 40′ list and thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you all.

I’ve tried to include a mix of things to include my own personal development, adventures with my family, health/wellness, helping others and making memories with extended family and friends.I plan on taking anyone who’s willing along for the ride with me in the next 12 months!

Most of all it just feels wonderful to be able to start planning things again with a little more certainty! 

So here are a few highlights, like I say I won’t share them all BUT I will keep you posted with my progress over on Instagram so make sure you go and give me a follow if you haven’t already!

40 before 40…

A few personal development/wellness ones to kick off…

  • Donate blood 
  • Go vegan for a month (I’m pescatarian at the moment and I’m intrigued how I’ll feel on a vegan diet)
  • Read a life changing book (I would LOVE some recommendations!)
  • Take a solo trip (again, any recommendations would be great!)
  • Read a book a month
  • Listen to a podcast or Audible book on personal development weekly
  • Donate my time for a charitable cause (please reach out if you know of, or represent any in the West Yorkshire area)

Family Memories

​​​​​​As my children get older we can get even more adventurous with them and their curiosity for the wider world & enthusiasm to try new things is something I want to encourage as much as I can, so with that in mind…

  • Sleep under the stars
  • See the Northern Lights 
  • Swim in the sea
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Spend a day at the beach

I’ve missed memory-making with my extended family hugely this past 12 months, not only my own parents, sister and her family and my husband’s family but also my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, who I would usually see once or twice a year. Many of my cousins have young families of their own now so going long gaps without seeing them feels like you miss so much! So a big family reunion is definitely on the list too.

Travel & Adventure

To think we may be able to travel abroad again in the next 12 months fills me with so much joy, so naturally there are a few trips I am hoping to take…

  • NYC with my bestie (we’ve been planning this trip for years, I cannot wait!)
  • Head back to Martinhal, Portugal with my wider family (a special family holiday spot for us and we have a new addition since the last time we went!)
  • A girl’s weekend away (we’re thinking Amsterdam – I’ve never been!)
  • Venice (with the hubs, again I’ve never been and am desperate to go)

And then there are a few bucket-list types things I would love to tick off…

  • Go scuba diving (I’m hoping I may be able to do this in Portugal)
  • Climb a mountain (hubby will love this one, it won’t be Everest before anyone gets too excited!)
  • Ride a horse again 
  • Take a zip on the world’s longest zip line in Wales (HOW much fun?!)

And the best of the rest…

  • Dinner at The Shard
  • Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  • See a concert
  • Break a negative habit (which one to choose?!)
  • Learn a new skill (I’m thinking knitting, so I must be getting old!)
  • Raise £1,000 for charity
  • Go to a murder mystery night

There are more, but some are smaller and less worthy of a mention and others are personal to me, my family or my business so I’ll keep them to myself but I have to say, it’s been so much fun putting this together and even if I don’t tick them ALL off, its going to be a LOT of fun giving it a go!

Until next time,

AM xo