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How I Elevate The Everyday

Since I had my two children (who are now 7 and 4 years old) my style has got progressively more comfortable and casual. Not surprising when on a typical morning I have very little time to get myself ready before we rush out of the house.

This time at home has given me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my personal style and ensure that my clothes and overall image make me look and FEEL my absolute best.

My view is that we should be mindful of our signature style and refine it each season as we ourselves evolve.

What I know for sure is that comfort comes above everything else for me, but not at the expense of looking pulled-together…

With this in mind I thought I would share with you a few ways I am elevating my everyday look right now. These are the simplest things that I find give me an extra boost day-to-day and ensure I stay creative with my style whilst getting wear from my wardrobe…

  1. Save make-up free days for the weekends – just as I would on a normal week, I do my hair and make-up each day (albeit a parred down version) and then go completely au natural on Saturdays & Sundays. Not only does this ensure I am still making a little effort most of the time, it also helps differentiate the weekdays from the weekends.
  2. Add one extra detail – curl/straighten your hair, add a pop of lippie or gloss, extra blusher or a necklace – take your pick, but each day add one detail that makes you feel more pulled together.
  3. Don’t forget your footwear – see my last post for more on this one, it’s been an everyday elevator for me (& feels so nice to wear actual shoes!)
  4. Experiment – now is the time to try new outfit combinations or items you may have been lacking in confidence to wear in normal circumstances – nobody can see you!
  5. Accessorise – it’s tempting to leave your accessories off as nobody is around to admire them BUT I find accessories are often the thing that personalise an outfit/make it unique. They are also often items that have been collected on travels or gifted for significant events, making them a wonderful reminder of loved ones who you may not be able to see or hug right now.