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Get Your Hat On

They're stylish, chic and allow you to express your personality in your own unique way, yet why do so few of us wear hats?

Whilst we were shopping that day I happened to spot a gorgeous women gliding through town. She was wearing a fedora which was not only keeping her hair in place and protecting her from the elements, but it also looking incredibly stylish.

I have a fedora, but since having my hair cut shorter is hasn’t felt quite ‘right’, it also feels like SUCH a statement when I wear it so I always shy away. When I do though I ALWAYS receive lovely compliments!

This is why I have enlisted the help of Beth Hughes, from By Betty Bespoke Headwear, to offer some expert advice on hats to member’s of The Style Lounge.

In today’s post we meet Beth and find out a little bit about what she’s going to be talking to us about in The Style Lounge during December.

I first met Beth at an event in our local area where we were both promoting our fledgling businesses. She was wearing and surrounded by, the most fabulous hats. Upon striking up a conversation I learnt that not only had Beth made all these amazing creations herself, she was completely self-taught!

What shone out of Beth was her passion for hats; she truly loves making and seeing the effect a fabulous hat can have on a person. I can myself can testify to the wonderful feeling and sense of confidence wearing a gorgeous hat can evoke.

Since launching her millinery label, ‘By Betty’ in early 2012, Beth spends her time creating bespoke headwear for clients and designing and hand-crafting pieces for her seasonal collections. 

She personally designs and makes everything from stylish winter hats and caps, to flamboyant hats and fascinators for clients going to weddings or to the races.

What is fantastic is that she has seen even the most hesitant hat wearers transformed by wearing a hat they love.

I’m so excited to share three mini masterclasses with Beth next month which will cover the following areas:

Masterclass One – Top Tips For Choosing The Right Hat (all the guidance you’ll need to select a hat that flatters you and expresses your personality!)

Masterclass Two – Hat Shapes & Who Can Wear Them (step away from the bobble hat and explore all the possibilities!)

Masterclass Three – Perfect Pairings (Beth and I have taken the most common coat shapes and styles and paired them with the perfect hats so you can recreate the looks you love the most from within your wardrobe)

To join us in The Style Lounge for hat month click here to register – be ready to get your hat on!

I’ve seen even the most hesitant hat wearers transformed by wearing a hat they love. They stand taller and straighter and can’t help but smile at themselves in the mirror!

· Beth Hughes - By Betty Bespoke Headwear