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Challenging You To Wear Your Wardrobe Differently

Every month in my membership hub, The Style Sanctuary, I do a week of daily style challenges and my members LOVE it!

I love it too as it really gets me thinking about how I wear my own wardrobe, pushes me to be creative and encourages me to dig things out that I’ve neglected (or sometimes even completely forgotten about!)

It’s safe to say that most of us will wear the same items of clothing and outfit formulas on repeat. We find our style comfort zone and stay there – even it’s working then why change it?

I find most of my clients come to see me because they feel bored and uninspired – their day-to-day outfits may well look and feel fine but they’re not exciting them any longer. A little change of perspective can quickly rectify that though.

This week I’m sharing five style challenges you to complete each day – I would love to see how you get on with them so feel free to post your pictures and tag me in them over on instagram @annamewes

If you’d love a weekly injection of style advice and outfit inspiration then do check out The Style Sanctuary here.


MONDAY – let’s go BOLD to kick off the week and incorporate a colour pop into today’s outfit. This could be a jumper in uplifting orange, a pop on an accessory or a bright lip.

TUESDAY – try something you haven’t worn for a while. Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time so dig something out that hasn’t been worn for over a month or more and style it up today.

WEDNESDAY – add an accessory, My favourite way to elevate a simple outfit (or any outfit for that matter) – this could be jewellery, a head band, a scarf, whatever you fancy.

THURSDAY – switch up your footwear. I know I live in the same few pairs of shoes/boots most weeks and forget about some gorgeous shoes that are just as versatile and comfortable – have a think and wear a pair today that are different from the norm.

FRIDAY – I want you to go for something FABULOUS today. We rarely get dressed up for day-to-day life anymore. If this is you I want you to think about how you can smarten or elevate your outfit today. This could be something simple like adding a blazer to smarten up jeans and a jumper or you could opt for a dress today over your usual trousers.


These little challenges are simple, quick and easy to implement – they will get you discovering clothes and accessories you haven’t worn for a while as well as encourage you to style things up in different ways. I find it so much fun and I love seeing how my TSS members get on when they upload their pictures to our private Facebook group.

I would love to know if you take part and how you find it! Do hear over to Instagram and let me know how you get on!

Until next time

Anna xo