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Anna’s Edit – Top Trainers

It’s been a little over two weeks since our world got turned upside down and I don’t know about you guys but it all still feels a little surreal over here…

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I have been going live every weekday morning on Instagram offering style advice and a little light relief.

At a time when everything feels uncertain my view is that all we can do is spread a little joy and a little love – so that’s what I intend to do.

As you will know if you read my last post, my view is that style is a form of self care – and boy do we need anything to give us a mood boost right now.

So I’ll be bringing you regular blog posts with ideas for looking and feeling your best at home – because even if you’re not leaving the house, getting dressed for YOU is still so important and has such a huge impact on your mood, your productivity and your self esteem.

So let’s GET UP, DRESS UP & SHOW UP for ourselves, every day…

I made the decision on day one of lockdown that I wasn’t going to slob around in my PJs all day. It just doesn’t make me feel good at all. So everyday I have put on an outfit that is comfortable and practical but would also happily leave the house in (if I were allowed to!)

HOWEVER, what I realised early last week is that I was completely neglecting my footwear and had been mindlessly sticking my slippers on all day.

What I’ve come to realise is that getting home and popping my slippers on is a little ritual that signifies the day has ended and it’s time to chill. So by wearing them all day I was missing that cue and that differentiation from work/school time to chill/home time.

I LOVE my trainers and as my outfits are super casual right now it made sense to me to start wearing them on a day-to-day basis and then changing out of them at the end of the day, lighting a candle and switching to chill mode.

I know feel like I am truly putting together complete outfits and that feels SO good! So I thought I’d share some of the styles I have in my collection and how I’m wearing them, in case you wish to do the same.

The newest addition to my trainer collection are these pink beauties by Woden from Moo Boutique Yorkshire.

Honestly, the comfort levels with these are off the chart and I’ve barely taken them off since they arrived.

I love the fact they’re a more sporty style as they work beautifully with my jeans and on the days when I’m opting for more of an athleisure look (I’ve recently developed a penchant for patterned leggings, more on that for another blog post).

What’s more they are made from recycled cork and Woden‘s mission is to recycle, reduce and reuse – so they’re great for the environment too. They literally give me a spring in my step and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Pictured – Woden Nora II Sugar Coral Trainer, £79.99

I have followed Air & Grace for a couple of years now and always coveted their entire range. I love the fact they have taken a classic trainer style and given them a twist.

At 5’10 I don’t need any extra height, so flats are my go-to and these beauties feel anything but boring.

I wear mine with EVERYTHING as the style is so versatile; from Summer dresses and skirts through to my trusty jeans I don’t think I’ve found anything that they don’t look good with.

Pictured – Copeland: White & Navy Glitter Trainers, £159

No trainer collection is complete without a little leopard in my opinion.

I have had a fab pair of leopard print trainers from Dune for about three years now but they’re coming to the end of their days so I’m looking at a few options to replace them.

Converse has been a go-to brand for me in the past as they have such a range to colours and designs to choose from.

As leopard print is a neutral I know they’ll work with any colour I choose to wear and the high top style in particular offers a completely different look to mix into my outfits.

Pictured – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top, £70

I’d love to know how you’re approaching your personal style during lockdown – and if you have any questions or a topic you’d like me to cover on the blog on in my daily live chats on instagram just drop me an email to [email protected]

Until next time

Anna xo