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Anna’s Edit – Pink & Red

February is one of my favourite months of the year, not only is it the month of love (I’m a true romantic at heart), it is also a month of several birthday celebrations in our family (mine included).

To celebrate, it feels apt that I talk to you about one of my favourite colour combinations for this week’s post; red and pink. 

In terms of the psychology of colour, red and pink are pretty powerful, with red signifying energy, passion and motivation and pink associated with femininity, romance and kindness.

This week I’m giving you three ways to wear red and/or pink and my top picks for incorporating them into your wardrobe…

Contrasting Knits

Mixing red and pink within an outfit looks stunning in my opinion. Whether that’s red trousers and a pink top, a pink dress with red heels or, some knitwear with both colours combined.

This super sweet pink and red striped lightweight knit from one of my favourite independent brands, Wyse London does the colour combo work for you. 

The delicate stripe and ruffle detail will appeal to those of you who fall into the Romantic style personality category and would look just as fabulous styled with jeans as it would a leather pencil skirt and heels. The other thing I love about it is you can easily wear it now but it will also be perfect in the Spring.

Shop Wyse London here.

Red Accessories

If you don’t feel confident enough to wear red within your outfit, or if you simply prefer a more neutral palette for your wardrobe then opting for a pop of red within an accessory is a great way to give your overall look a lift and add an element of interest.

My all time favourite bag in this hue has got to be the Gucci Soho Disco Bag – an absolute classic that will last for years in your wardrobe.

I’ve also sourced some more affordable options here and here.

Shop the Gucci bag here.

A Pop On The Lips

A bold red lip instantly conveys glamour and confidence and will elevate any look. I feel like an absolute boss when I put a red lip on!

I have recently tried (and been totally converted to) Victoria Beckham’s Posh Lipstick.

The creamy formula moisturises your lips and whether you like a subtle shade of pink or a vibrant pop of red, VBB has got you covered.

My personal favourite is shade ‘Pout’ for a subtle everyday shade that looks perfectly polished on Zoom calls but she also has some beautifully bright options too if you want a bit more va va voom.

Shop Victoria Beckham Beauty here.

I’d love to know if you’re a lover of a red + pink combo? Drop me a note or tag me in your pictures on Instagram (you can find me @annamewes)

Until next time,

AM xo